Join us for the Beyond the Glass Ceiling - Encouraging Diversity in Surveying breakfast on Friday 7 June as Anne-Marie Rice, Director and Principal Mediator from Rice Dispute Resolution and 2018 WLAQ Leneen Ford AC Woman Lawyer of the Year, takes us through the practical steps to increasing the number of women joining and leading the surveying profession. 


The struggle to attract and retain female talent in male dominated industries is a well-known lament.   Finding ways for women to occupy leadership roles in meaningful numbers remains a subject of much consternation and discussion at local, state and national levels. 


In a thought provoking and entertaining session Anne-Marie Rice explores why, on the cusp of 2020, it remains such a challenge for women to be meaningfully engaged across a wide range of professions and why it matters that they are.

Anne-Marie is a problem solver, peace maker and educator having honed her technical and negotiation skills in the most highly charged of legal fields – family law.


- Breakfast commences at 7:30am on Friday 7 June in Ballroom 3, Level 1 of the Sofitel Brisbane Central and concludes at 9:30am. A light breakfast will be served.

- This breakfast is FREE for all Surveying 2019 Congress delegates attending the full day's congress on Friday 7 June. 


- If you are not attending the Congress but would like to register for this breakfast please fill in the form below.  The cost for non-delegates is $20. No tickets will be issued for this event, please just register your attendance outside the Ballroom on the morning of the breakfast.

Please contact Consulting Surveyors National on 02 9267 9728 or at if you have any questions or issues completing this form.