Consulting Surveyors National (CSN) represents the private sector of the land surveying profession in Australia. It recognises the strong heritage and diverse skills within Surveying businesses which has led to the evolution and growth of new disciplines.  CSN embraces the broader definition of Surveying and the environment within which surveying businesses operate.


The impetus for the establishment of Consulting Surveyors National has evolved from an alliance between Consulting Surveyors NSW (ACS NSW) and Consulting Surveyors Victoria (CSV).  And in 2018 we welcomed the Queensland Surveying and Spatial Association (QSSA). The goodwill that developed between these associations via the sharing of ideas reinforced that, even though the legislation frameworks of the states are derived from parochial influences, there are many areas of common interest and numerous opportunities for collaboration - such as a national congress.


CSN has now committed to holding a National Congress each year and are pleased to be heading to Queensland in June on the topic of Transformation!.


To find out more about Consulting Surveyors National, visit www.acsnational.com.au



The National Surveying Congress showed us that there were real benefits to bringing the broader Surveying profession together to share nationally-relevant issues and ideas. 

Ian Marler - Chairman, ACSIS, Platinum Sponsor 2017 & 2018

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